Ipsy + Life 

Killer Queens, hello ! How are you? I’m super sorry I haven’t updated in internet years. The start of the month is always a little rough. I’ve also got lots of cool stuff planned out for this blog and my other internet shenanigans. I’ve been pretty busy trying to get my Makeup Instagram off on a good foot. You can take a sneak peek and (maybe) follow me @Cidnyasilva ! 

I’ve also been bullet journaling like crazy, knowing that school about to start up again. If I don’t have a bullet journal, my life is a mess. 

SO, now that I’ve updated you a bit. Let’s talk about MAKEUP! I recently just subscribed to iPsy because I felt like spending way too much money on makeup. As of late, I’ve been in love with Jeffree Star’s line and himself. He’s a total diva and I love his gender fluidity. I’ve been obsessing over Lunatick Cosmetics. Their Elvira palette is in sale for 20 dollars and I really want it. I’m gonna be good though. I figured that five personalized makeup items would be exactly what I need as I go through my makeup journey. By receiving things I wouldn’t necessarily get myself, it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and honestly that’s how art and talent arise. 

Comment below your iPsy experience if you want to share, tell me some of your current makeup obsessions, follow me on Instagram @cidnyasilva or on twitter or tumblr @sultrystrawberry. I wanna connect with you guys 


My Colourpop Haul 

Hello Killer Queens!!

Excuse my blatant Queen reference but honestly, who doesn’t want to be recognized as a royal beauty incarnate??

So, I’m hear to talk to you folks about my Colourpop haul. I had purchased 49 dollars worth of product. I had gotten a lot for that price, might I add. I had gotten the Can you Knot lip bundle, four press  power shadows with a free pallet, the Honeymoon highlight, and two super shock shadows.

When I opened up my package, I was ecstatic. I was thoroughly in love with how they had package everything. I felt like I was getting a cute package from a best friend.

I mean just look at it. I was immediately smitten. There was a cute little postcard that featured a Popsicle melting saying, “I’ll stop the world and melt with you.” As you all know, I am a sucker for 80s tracks.

I put in my four press power shadows into the palette and let me just say I did a super great job picking out the color scheme.

From left to right are the shades, Wait for it (a peach color), Fair Play (a pink), Stay Golden (a berry color), and Going Steady ( a beautiful wine color). here’s a picture of the swatches in the inverse (going steady– wait for it).

There’s so much pigment and so soft and creamy.

Here the swatches of the Can you Knot lip bundle with the shades, Sookie (a plum gloss), Notion (a raspberry matte), and Hutch (a blackened violet Satin).

I did a couple of looks with this haul and you can find them on my instagram @cidnyasilva

So go like and follow. I know that I’m pretty new at this and I’m just excited to log my journey as an aspiring makeup artist!!


Colourpop/ Today’s look 

Hi lovelies ❤️ 
So, I’ve officially decided that beauty (in every shape, way, and form) is what I’m going to blog about. I never fit in wherever I was during my adolescence. I was too spunky but too girly, threatening but incredibly docile, artsy but not talented, and I never appreciated myself as, well, myself !! That’s what I’m going to make this blog about. Loving yourself and embracing your beauty and the things that make your life beautiful. So of course, makeup, fashion, inspiration, and girl power! KaPOW. 

So, for one of my first adventures as a blogger, I’m going to delve into the brand Colourpop ! I’ve heard so many great things by word of mouth about this brand. I’ve heard that their super shock shadows are so soft and pigmented. Their matte liquid lipsticks are phenomenal and they’re also cruelty free!! So naturally, I bought 50 dollars worth of product. 

Let me say, I am excited. With fifty dollars I got three lipsticks, one highlighter, an empty palette, and six eyeshadows!! 


did I just tell you I got 11 things for $50 Dollars. Hells yeah, you did. They seem to always have great sales going on. The first time you order, if you subscribe, you’ll get five dollars off your order. Talk about a great first impression. I can’t wait to swatch them when I get my package tomorrow. Here’s a list of the products I got: 

Can You Knot: three piece lip bundle with dark berry shades 

Paradox: a warm, wine berry color 

Fair Play: a soft, bubblegum pink 

Going steady: a soft purple with mauve tones 

Stay Golden: a matte raspberry 

Wait for it: (not going to lie I got this one because of my undying Love for How I Met Your Mother) a hot peach 

Bar: purple shadow with blue glitter 

Honeymoon: a pearl highlighter with blue and violet glitter 

I’m beyond excited! Here’s my makeup look for today 

I wish I had better lighting. That’s definitely something I’m going to have to invest in soon ! 


New Found Confidence

Hello Friends!!!

Cheap Make-up, let’s talk about it. As a woman, I have my on and off days. Sometimes, I want to be decked out. A full face on for a night of special activities or something of the sorts. Then, on other days, I feel as though I radiate natural beauty and I don’t need to be bogged down by facial chemicals. But boy, sometimes, I just look at myself and say you know what? Let’s go for a nice elegant look.

So, one of my facial quirks is that my bottom lip is more puffed out than my upper lip and rests slightly unevenly. I had bought two different NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks in the colors of Cherry Skies and Vintage. However, the first I tried to put it on, I had the most difficult time. No matter how many different times I tried, I couldn’t get my lips to look remotely even. Truthfully, it made me feel a little ugly. I was getting to this point where I thought I wasn’t able to wear bold colors for fear of looking ridiculous. So, I figured I would try one last attempt at lipstick. I realized that lip liner isn’t just for moms who swore by it when it swung all out in the 90s.

So, I hauled my butt over to Walmart to find a decent lip liner. However, to my dismay, they were all between 8-10 dollars for a product I just wasn’t sure I was going to even like or would work. So after some looking around, I happened upon Wet n Wild’s gel lip liner in the color Plum Together. I went home and drew on my lips.

The result was that I was in heaven. It was very easy to just outline and fix my slight imperfection. My lips finally looked even and I filled in my lips with cherry skies and BOOM. I felt like no matter a dramatic or lazy look, lipstick will always be a must.

here’s some pictures of my finished look!