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Cheap Make-up, let’s talk about it. As a woman, I have my on and off days. Sometimes, I want to be decked out. A full face on for a night of special activities or something of the sorts. Then, on other days, I feel as though I radiate natural beauty and I don’t need to be bogged down by facial chemicals. But boy, sometimes, I just look at myself and say you know what? Let’s go for a nice elegant look.

So, one of my facial quirks is that my bottom lip is more puffed out than my upper lip and rests slightly unevenly. I had bought two different NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks in the colors of Cherry Skies and Vintage. However, the first I tried to put it on, I had the most difficult time. No matter how many different times I tried, I couldn’t get my lips to look remotely even. Truthfully, it made me feel a little ugly. I was getting to this point where I thought I wasn’t able to wear bold colors for fear of looking ridiculous. So, I figured I would try one last attempt at lipstick. I realized that lip liner isn’t just for moms who swore by it when it swung all out in the 90s.

So, I hauled my butt over to Walmart to find a decent lip liner. However, to my dismay, they were all between 8-10 dollars for a product I just wasn’t sure I was going to even like or would work. So after some looking around, I happened upon Wet n Wild’s gel lip liner in the color Plum Together. I went home and drew on my lips.

The result was that I was in heaven. It was very easy to just outline and fix my slight imperfection. My lips finally looked even and I filled in my lips with cherry skies and BOOM. I felt like no matter a dramatic or lazy look, lipstick will always be a must.

here’s some pictures of my finished look!



2 thoughts on “New Found Confidence

  1. You lips look great, I always struggle because my top lip is uneven! I have never been a fan on lip liner, but I might try to even it out a little! Great post xo


    1. Thank you so much ! The lip liner at Walmart was about 2 dollars. It’s definitely worth at least a try! And besides, everyone should be able to rock colors on their lips. You’re awesome ! Have a great and awesome day 🙂

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