Hi lovelies ❤️ 
So, I’ve officially decided that beauty (in every shape, way, and form) is what I’m going to blog about. I never fit in wherever I was during my adolescence. I was too spunky but too girly, threatening but incredibly docile, artsy but not talented, and I never appreciated myself as, well, myself !! That’s what I’m going to make this blog about. Loving yourself and embracing your beauty and the things that make your life beautiful. So of course, makeup, fashion, inspiration, and girl power! KaPOW. 

So, for one of my first adventures as a blogger, I’m going to delve into the brand Colourpop ! I’ve heard so many great things by word of mouth about this brand. I’ve heard that their super shock shadows are so soft and pigmented. Their matte liquid lipsticks are phenomenal and they’re also cruelty free!! So naturally, I bought 50 dollars worth of product. 

Let me say, I am excited. With fifty dollars I got three lipsticks, one highlighter, an empty palette, and six eyeshadows!! 


did I just tell you I got 11 things for $50 Dollars. Hells yeah, you did. They seem to always have great sales going on. The first time you order, if you subscribe, you’ll get five dollars off your order. Talk about a great first impression. I can’t wait to swatch them when I get my package tomorrow. Here’s a list of the products I got: 

Can You Knot: three piece lip bundle with dark berry shades 

Paradox: a warm, wine berry color 

Fair Play: a soft, bubblegum pink 

Going steady: a soft purple with mauve tones 

Stay Golden: a matte raspberry 

Wait for it: (not going to lie I got this one because of my undying Love for How I Met Your Mother) a hot peach 

Bar: purple shadow with blue glitter 

Honeymoon: a pearl highlighter with blue and violet glitter 

I’m beyond excited! Here’s my makeup look for today 

I wish I had better lighting. That’s definitely something I’m going to have to invest in soon ! 



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