Hello Killer Queens!!

Excuse my blatant Queen reference but honestly, who doesn’t want to be recognized as a royal beauty incarnate??

So, I’m hear to talk to you folks about my Colourpop haul. I had purchased 49 dollars worth of product. I had gotten a lot for that price, might I add. I had gotten the Can you Knot lip bundle, four press  power shadows with a free pallet, the Honeymoon highlight, and two super shock shadows.

When I opened up my package, I was ecstatic. I was thoroughly in love with how they had package everything. I felt like I was getting a cute package from a best friend.

I mean just look at it. I was immediately smitten. There was a cute little postcard that featured a Popsicle melting saying, “I’ll stop the world and melt with you.” As you all know, I am a sucker for 80s tracks.

I put in my four press power shadows into the palette and let me just say I did a super great job picking out the color scheme.

From left to right are the shades, Wait for it (a peach color), Fair Play (a pink), Stay Golden (a berry color), and Going Steady ( a beautiful wine color). here’s a picture of the swatches in the inverse (going steady– wait for it).

There’s so much pigment and so soft and creamy.

Here the swatches of the Can you Knot lip bundle with the shades, Sookie (a plum gloss), Notion (a raspberry matte), and Hutch (a blackened violet Satin).

I did a couple of looks with this haul and you can find them on my instagram @cidnyasilva

So go like and follow. I know that I’m pretty new at this and I’m just excited to log my journey as an aspiring makeup artist!!



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