Killer Queens, hello ! How are you? I’m super sorry I haven’t updated in internet years. The start of the month is always a little rough. I’ve also got lots of cool stuff planned out for this blog and my other internet shenanigans. I’ve been pretty busy trying to get my Makeup Instagram off on a good foot. You can take a sneak peek and (maybe) follow me @Cidnyasilva ! 

I’ve also been bullet journaling like crazy, knowing that school about to start up again. If I don’t have a bullet journal, my life is a mess. 

SO, now that I’ve updated you a bit. Let’s talk about MAKEUP! I recently just subscribed to iPsy because I felt like spending way too much money on makeup. As of late, I’ve been in love with Jeffree Star’s line and himself. He’s a total diva and I love his gender fluidity. I’ve been obsessing over Lunatick Cosmetics. Their Elvira palette is in sale for 20 dollars and I really want it. I’m gonna be good though. I figured that five personalized makeup items would be exactly what I need as I go through my makeup journey. By receiving things I wouldn’t necessarily get myself, it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and honestly that’s how art and talent arise. 

Comment below your iPsy experience if you want to share, tell me some of your current makeup obsessions, follow me on Instagram @cidnyasilva or on twitter or tumblr @sultrystrawberry. I wanna connect with you guys 



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