2018’s Inspiration

Hello Killer Queens!

How goes it? This week has finally settled down enough to let me write in my bullet journal and set up a couple of pages! It’s so nice. I know I’ve done one article about bullet journaling. If that’s something that y’all want me to write more/share give this a like or a comment below so I know 🙂 With that being said, I set up a page for article ideas and content creators that seem to always inspire me to push myself creatively and I thought I would share them with you today!

  • @atleeeey on YouTube

She is probably my favorite YouTube beauty influencer. I love how honest and goofy she can be. Her videos are amazing in the sense that her personality shines through her tutorials. I find that the internet and camera separation doesn’t really exist when I try to keep up with her GRRM’s. Also, we have a lot in common in terms of comics and musics we like. Also, she is pretty active  on Twitter and she has liked a couple of my tweets and interacts with her audience (WHICH I LOVE). It’s a really nice community that she has created and  I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings for her.


  • Hayley Williams of Paramore

Y’all Imma be real honest with you. I LOVE PARAMORE. I have followed and listened to those angst cries since I was 11…. a whole decade. I think that’s a little wild. What’s really cool is that both Hayley and the band have changed immensely and it felt like I was growing up along them and the fanbase. With the release of After Laughter, the music videos that came out for it was killer and the looks they released is just to die for. 80’s retro?! Sign me UP. She also liked one of my tweets… Today ACTUALLY. You can catch the look on my Instagram 😉 @cidnyasimba


  • Pixielocks on Youtube

This lovely gal was introduced to me a couple of months ago. I have been in love. She is a sweet, rainbow, magical girl. Her videos are bursting with fun colored pastels and aesthetically pleasing. She just makes me feel like the magical girl I know i could be. She does a bunch of vlogging, makeup reviews, and kawaii things. Check her out!!


This is my top three currently. I really just wanted to share who I have been following and being inspired by. I think I will be uploading articles every Tuesday and Thursday !!

This is all for today




Mental Health in the Beauty Community/ Hello Again

Hello Again Killer Queens

I’m not incredibly sure where to start or how to even begin. I’m not even sure if anyone will truly read this. I haven’t uploaded a single article since late September of 2017. It’s a little wild.

Since I was about 16, I’ve been dealing with mental health issues. It’s shifted from extreme periods of anxiety to depression. It always worsens around the beginning of fall. Every single year… It’s always so tough. It always gets worse around this time because they’ve been markers of difficult experiences. It’s really tough to create… or move sometimes. It’s hard to feel pretty, beautiful, or motivated enough to throw on a face… a facade.

For me, makeup isn’t about making myself look beautiful or hot. I don’t care about looking conventionally pretty. I don’t really care about the standards in the makeup community either. I really love the art of it. Painting your face to look like a Renaissance photo, a Andy Warhol piece, a favorite anime character, or countless other things. That’s the beauty of it all. Makeup has been able to transcend the norm of just enhancing your features. It’s such a universal and boundless form of art able to cross the barriers of age and gender. It’s progressive. It’s such a great thing.

With that said, it’s hard to feel creative when you are trying to figure out why you can’t leave your house for days at a time. It’s difficult to feel good about what you have created when the photos you take cause you to go into boughs of depression and anxiety about things that are sometimes not even related at all. It’s tough in all aspects to deal with mental health issues.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and figure out how to help yourself.  That’s what I’ve dedicated these past months to. I figured out an antidepressant that really helps keep me grounded. I’ve been going to therapy more consistently and focusing mainly on myself, my goals, and my needs. It’s been quite a crazy journey, actually. I never really thought I would live to see the year 21… but I did it. That’s a really big personal milestone for myself. For the longest time, I didn’t care about anything. From school, to personal relationships, to my wellbeing because I always thought I would end my life eventually. But I didn’t and honestly, it makes me tear up. I am so extremely proud of myself and for ever single friend and person who has helped me get to where I am right now.

Similarly, I want to shed light for all of you. I really want this blog to be a spot where anyone and everyone can share, if they want, how they are and are progressing. It’s a tough world out there. You’re not alone. I, and so many countless others, have been in rough, dark places and have lived to see another day. I will listen. I will respond to your stories, your questions, your needs. Your mental health is important. There needs to be a removal of the negative stigmas that are associated. There are so many places and people willing to help you. I am here to tell you that it’s gonna be alright… maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but it does.

All the lovely people who will read this article, I am rooting for you. I am here. And we get to go through all of this together. I’m going to completely revamp how and what my blog will be, I do know I want to dedicate one day out of the week to mental health wellness, issues, and discussions. with fellow artists and content creators. However, I’ll ask all of you to put in some input to see how we should go about it.

I hope you all have a great day and feel free to share if you’re feeling up to it


Call 1-800-273-8255

Manefit Sheet mask Review

Hello Killer Queens!! 

How are you all today ? September is coming to an end already! It’s crazy how time flies! 

SO, the Manefit Mugwort+Astringent Pore Care mask might just be my new favorite k-beauty sheet mask !! It’s so COOLING on the face. While the mask was kinda big on my face, the face slots are very workable. The mask sits nicely and doesn’t move! The essence that the mask is soaked smells really awesome. 

I left the mask on for 15 minutes and just chilled as you see in the picture above. I took it off and tapped in the rest of the essence. It left my face looking Dewey and glowing, all whilst making the pores on my nose visibly smaller!

I would give this mask a 10/10. 


Ipsy: September 2017

Septembers Ipsy glam bag really did knock me out of the park ! I was so excited about their collaboration with Sokoglam.com and Charlotte Cho ! She actually liked one of my pictures on Instagram @cidnyasilva and it made my day ! 

In this months bag, I got six items because they counted both sheet masks as one item! 

The Manefit Mugwort Pore mask is so cool to put in your face. It offers a really nice smelling essence. It made the pores on my nose a bit visibly smaller which made me very happy ! My pores are one of my biggest face insecurities. 

Beauty for Real sent out a green eyeliner that’s super creamy and magnificent! I’ve never had a different colored liner so I’m excited to try it out. 

Tarte Mascara… I’ll admit I didn’t even open this one. I think I might add it to the collection of unopened things I had and might do a little give away once I get my blog to where I want it to be? Who knows ? 

Tweeze Cosmetics sent a beautiful ruby red lipstick. However it’s quite transferable and bulky. 

I don’t really care for nail polishes either! But overall, it was a really nice!! 

Let me know if you guys would be interested in a giveaway !! 


Simplified Korean Skincare Routine 

Good day to all you Killer Queens out there 🌸 

In my last post, I gave you all a break down of the intense, renowned, and multi-step Korean Skincare Routine that promises to unleash the best skin you could ever have. You can read up on that here 10-Step Korean Skincare 

After lots and lots of careful research on Sokoglam.com, research and reviews from various beauty blogging forums, my own personal skincare needs, and my own personal budgeting for skincare products. I determined how and what I’m going to use. 

For the past two weeks, I developed a very simple routine to prep me for some of the products I had bought from Sokoglam.com. Here’s my current routine:

1. Oil-based Cleanser 

I picked up this oil Cleanser at Target from Burt’s Bees for 15.99. I thought this was initially pretty expensive but this was the only oil-based one I could find in stores! I have combination skin which means I’m oily in my T-zone and have fairly dry skin everywhere else on my face. I was kinda skeptical to use an oil Cleanser and then a water Cleanser because I was like ??? Is it REALLY worth it do both steps. Let me tell you, it is. This amazing. Just one pump is more than enough to clean off even water based mascara and eyeliner! It’s kinda a saving grace. Right from the start, I don’t have to repeatedly tug on my skin with a makeup wipe to get rid of all my makeup. You just message and lather it off! I highly would recommend this product to anyone. I would give this product an 9/10 mostly because of the slight scent that it has. 

2. Water-Based Cleanser 

I’ve been using this product for years now ! I never really experience pimples because of my skin type so instead I get plagued with blackheads. When I was a teenager, I used to get very large ones on my nose, corner of my lips, checks, and forehead. This product has always get them at bay for the most part. I still get them but not as bad and not nearly as many. Using this after the oil Cleanser has left my face feeling spotless. I feel like every inch of my face is clean and cool. After about a week and a half, I noticed that my nose wasn’t nearly as clogged and had fewer black heads on my cheeks. I would give this product an 8/10 

3. Toner 

To be completely honest with you guys, I bought a target brand toner because I had never really used one before! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good for my skin or what. It was only like 2 dollars. However, when I use it, I can feel my skin get rid of impurities and unclogging. So, now that I know that even the cheapest toner can work wonders when implemented in a routine, I’m going to invest in a more personalized toner that’s right for me. 

4. Moisturizer 

THIS product is the first Korean brand product that I’ve tried! It’s from Tony Moly, a beloved Korean cosmetics/skincare brand. They’ve been known for their incredibly kawaii packaging while delivering high-quality in their products. I have never used a moisturizer until this one! Honestly, it’s my favorite part of my routine now. It’s a moist cream that’s pretty watery because it’s made with 80% bamboo water (which is amazing for your skin). A little bit of product goes a LONG way. It cools and hydrates my face and makes my skin feel so soft and new. I definitely recommend this to ANYONE. It’s 23.00 and you can pick it up at Ulta. The price seems pretty steep at first but how it sinks into your skin and creates this hydrating barrier with such LITTLE product is amazing. This is definitely going to last for months ! This one gets a 10/10 and is always going to be a staple in my routine from now one. 

Here’s what I’m going to be adding to my routine once my Sokoglam Haul comes in: 

1. Exfoliator 

I have purchased two different types of wash off masks by Skinfood. I have heard nothing but the best for their Black Sugar Scrub and their Strawberry scrub! I’m super excited to give these a wirl and tell you guys about it! 

2. Essence

I invested into the Missha First time Essence to see if it really does add revitalization to my skin and increase its turnover. Hopefully, it delivers ! 

3. Sheetmasks

I am super excited for these !!! I subscribe to Facetory where I get 4 sheetmasks a month for about 7 dollars which is a steal. I also purchased a set of 5 pore tightening masks from Manefit! I’ll talk more about that in another post.

Overall, having an actual skincare routine with the products I’ve been using has been amazing. I can already feel my skin feeling better because it’s unclogged and clean. My skin is the softest it’s ever been. I remember I skipped today’s because I wasn’t really noticing any difference but I was so wrong! Acne was already starting to form by the end of day two and when I started back on the routine, they were gone in days! If that’s just drugstore products, I can’t imagine how nicer, better products for your skin would work! 

In my next post, I’ll talk more about sheet masks and how I like those products, fill you in on my September Ipsy bag, and a couple of other cosmetics!! 

Till then 


10-Step Korean Skincare Routine: Introduction 

🔪🎀Killer Queens🎀🔪

Hi y’all ! How are you ?? I actually am emerging from the reigns of Hurricane Irma. I’m glad that my family and I are alive and well. No substational damage has occurred to us or our home. So, I’m just going to try to get everything back to normal in my life. A routine… it’s like I need structure and balance in the ever-so-busy life of a twenty- something.

Skincare… I’ll be honest with you guys. I’ve never really been one to keep up with washing my face. I would wipe away my makeup and call it a day. However, I’m beginning to realize that skincare is really important. I should care about my skin right not before it’s too late!! So I did some research on it all. It’s some very extensive stuff. I’m not going to lie. It’s very overwhelming. However, once you start going down the rabbit hole, you’ll find that South Korea are known for their intense, cute, and working skincare products and routines!!! 

They have a ten-step routine that’s kinda amazing!! My new ultimate girl crush, Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam, is the sole reason why I’ve decided to invest in my skin. I discovered her through my monthly ipsy subcribtion, because she really is a boss ass babe! 

Here’s the down and dirty of this Routine. 

1. Oil-based Cleanser 

This is to wipe away impurities and make up. 

2. Water based Cleanser 

This is to finalize the cleaning process by clearing off your oil Cleanser and any remaining impurities. 

3. Exfoliate 

This step only needs to be done about once a week. This helps smooth your face and remove any dead skin! It’ll leave your skin feeling soft and ready for more! 

4. Toner 

This step is like a bridge step for the rest of your skincare routine. You would typically dab or pat toner into your skin in order to rehydrate it and balance your pH levels. 

5. Essence 

This step is for hydrating and skin repair. It’s like a serum and toner combo that you would pat into the skin. 

6. Serums 

This step is for specific skin issues that you would want to address. There’s everything from brightening, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles to acne ! 

7. Sheet Masks 

This step is like a mini facial all in one!! For about twenty minutes, you would put these masks on your face that are drenched in ultra goodies for your face whether it be hydrating essensces to honey or gold. You would then peel it off and horray!! Your skin will look immediately more beautiful. I’m personally very exited for this step. 

8. Eye Cream 

This step is to protect and revitalize the skin around your eyes because it’s the most sensitive part! 

9. Moisturizer

This step is all about locking in your bright and hydrated skin. 

10. Sun Screen 

This step is VITAL. You have to protect your skin at all costs from the damaging rays of the sun. 

It’s so intense… isn’t it ? 

However, I’m SO excited to dive head first into this routine and lifestyle change with the help of theklog.co and sokoglam.com for breaking everything down and letting you explore the world of Korean Beauty from any part of the world during hurricanes or not!! 

Thanks for reading! 

In my next update, I’ll fill you lovely ladies in on how I’m going to start this process, what products I’m going to start using, and other things k-beauty ! 

Xoxo 😘 

Hurricane Irma 

Guys, I’m going to be caught directly in the path of Hurricane Irma. I’m letting you all know that I’m praying and hoping for the best. Please keep me in your thoughts as I brace myself for this. 

Thank you 



September Goals, Bullet Journaling, and K- Beauty

Hello Killer Queens!!

Mercury was in retrograde last month and life has been in a tailspin ever since. For me, August was kind of a really tough month. I had a lot of personal issues with former friends showing their true colors, a reassessment of my relationships with loved ones, and a general distaste for my life.

Near the end week of August, I decided that I didn’t care about the chaos that was occurring around me. It just means that you need to recognize and conquer your little battles. So, I started my September spread for my bullet journal with goals and things I was going to accomplish. I decided it was time to push myself to be the best and be better. If Sailor Moon can cry over boys and fight alien life forces right after, you can sure as hell do whatever you really want.

I decided that September is going to be my renewal month. I’m going to stay on top of my personal hobbies that give me fulfillment like journaling, blogging, makeup, reading, and music. I’m going to eat and treat my body nicely by tracking how much water I’m going to drink, how many times I eat fruit, how much sugars I’m taking, etc. I want to feel like I’m on top of the world and that nothing can bring me down because I had enough of that bad juju in August. I’m in love with the Spread I had designed for September. It’s quite minimal but I love it. I wanted to focus on the basics and the important to-do’s and goals to really keep myself contained and focused. I think if we set ourselves for over-reaching, there’s a big chance that you’ll get overwhelmed and not even try. I don’t want to do that.

here are some pictures of my set up!

I feel like if you want to explore your creativity, bullet journaling is a great hobby and lifestyle change that can not only bring organization but also freedom in that it’s so personal to you.


Another thing that I really want to focus on this month is skincare and my natural beauty. Sometimes, I just don’t want to do my makeup… like… at all. I want to have naturally dewy, bright skin. I don’t want to have to pack and conceal my face all the time. So, I began my intense research into skin care to find out that Korean Beauty and Skincare has some of the best regimes and products in the world. Being me, you know that I just had to explore everything from the ground up. I came to the conclusion that this rabbit hole is one I want to fall down into for a while. Everything from puppy liner to essences. I want to explore it all and see how it can make me feel and see my own personal beauty.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates on that tomorrow! For now,





August Ipsy Glam Bag 

💖🔪 Hello Killer Queens 🔪💖 
How was your august ?? I’ve been so busy with the start of school, starting my full time job, and trying to get myself to eat healthy. 

I have been trying to stay pretty updated on my Instagram though and you can check that out @cidnyasilva on insta !! 

So, Ipsy is phenomenal. For ten dollars a month, you get five products in your months glam bag. I it my first one yesterday and I’m in love. 

1. Marc Anthony Curl cream 
It smells like lemons and who doesn’t love citrus in your hair. It smells like summer and stays put through the summer heat !! It’s been keeping my frizz tamed and my curls soft. I’m very happy with this product. 

2. Blending Brush by Glamour Dolls 

It’s a very cute, chic brush. It’s hairs are soft which makes for blending a breeze. It gets the job done but isn’t a banger. 

3. Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal waterproof Eyeliner 

This one was actually a full size eyeliner. I was pleasantly surprised that it was full sized. Further proof that ipsy is definitely worth it. It’s a very strong black that has a fine tip. It makes winged liner amazing! The only downside is that it’s kinda hard to clean off. It’s vegan, doesn’t smudge, and stays. This might be my new favorite eyeliner. 

4. Pacifica Blush Duo 

This is another full sized product, and it’s to die for. The pigment is so strong that I accidentally did a strong blush look with only two dips into the pan. It’s coconut infused, soft, and blendable. The two shades are very completing for all skin types which makes me really happy. 

5. The Balm eyeshadow in Willkommen 

It’s a small, cutely packaged brown shimmer shade that’s very pigmentated. While the pigmentation is great, there is a little fall out but that’s okay because it blends and is very buildable as well ! It’s my first product from the Balm and I was shocked at how nice it was. 

Over all, this couldn’t have been better. I’m really happy that I have invested into Ipsy and I’m super excited for the September glam bag. 

This months theme is Like A Boss and dreams of Andy Samberg are floating though my mind 

Until next time !

Stay slaying 



Ipsy + Life 

Killer Queens, hello ! How are you? I’m super sorry I haven’t updated in internet years. The start of the month is always a little rough. I’ve also got lots of cool stuff planned out for this blog and my other internet shenanigans. I’ve been pretty busy trying to get my Makeup Instagram off on a good foot. You can take a sneak peek and (maybe) follow me @Cidnyasilva ! 

I’ve also been bullet journaling like crazy, knowing that school about to start up again. If I don’t have a bullet journal, my life is a mess. 

SO, now that I’ve updated you a bit. Let’s talk about MAKEUP! I recently just subscribed to iPsy because I felt like spending way too much money on makeup. As of late, I’ve been in love with Jeffree Star’s line and himself. He’s a total diva and I love his gender fluidity. I’ve been obsessing over Lunatick Cosmetics. Their Elvira palette is in sale for 20 dollars and I really want it. I’m gonna be good though. I figured that five personalized makeup items would be exactly what I need as I go through my makeup journey. By receiving things I wouldn’t necessarily get myself, it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and honestly that’s how art and talent arise. 

Comment below your iPsy experience if you want to share, tell me some of your current makeup obsessions, follow me on Instagram @cidnyasilva or on twitter or tumblr @sultrystrawberry. I wanna connect with you guys